Our Philosophy

Start a conversation and create a community around specialty coffee.



Provide opportunities for students to apply their entrepreneurial skills.


Support and highlight coffee brands that uphold transparency.


Foster a community and create a platform accessible to all.


Partner and collaborate with small businesses and independent cafés.

Our Mission

Educate Peers

Education leads to justification; we explain the seed to cup process, coffee theory, and brewing basics with help from baristas, roasters, directors, importers and other coffee professionals we’ve established relationships with.

Raise Awareness

We want to increase awareness of this niche specialty market that we’ve come to know and love. We highlight local shops, roasters, and brands by partnering with them and showcasing across our website, blog, physical collateral and whenever the opportunity arises.

Build Community

At NYU, it’s difficult to feel a sense of belonging and community. Our events are welcome to all, and of a bigger shared interest in coffee. We bring together students for all ethnic, religious, and varying backgrounds.