Chemex Showcase with Pushcart Coffee

Before or after class, NYU students were definitely in need of an energy boost. Luckily, Coffee Club at NYU provided the ideal pick-me-up with its Chemex Showcase at the top of the Kimmel Building staircase. Students were able to wake up both physically and mentally, as they were exposed to two different types of coffee that were brewed in a Chemex. This manual, pour-over based method or coffeemaker allows for a great infusion of coffee grounds, which gives the coffee a richer flavor without the bitterness that was sediment-free.

The Coffee Club played barista for the few hours the Chemex was present. We brewed a naturally processed Nicaraguan coffee as well as a washed Ethiopian, both of which had fruity flavors and aromas. These two types of coffee were donated to the Coffee Club by Pushcart Coffee, a small business with locations in Chelsea (401 West 25th street) and Gramercy (362 2nd Ave) that is devoted to supporting and nurturing others in their community. Pushcart Coffee reaches out to small bakers and farms to bring the customer a rare coffee experience. A few lucky students were also able to win special giveaways from Pushcart if they had taken a picture of the Chemex setup.

Drawn to the rich and intoxicating smell of caffeine, NYU students picked up a cup of either coffee. In addition, the beautiful, yet intricate look of the Chemex tempted the passersby to linger by the table, asking questions on the unique brewing method and coming away with a newfound appreciation for coffee, the kind that suggests one to sample the endless caffeine concoctions within the city.