Brewing Workshop x George Howell Coffee


We've worked with Paolo and George Howell Coffee during our first run in the Fall, in which Paolo came to lead a workshop on the Kalita Wave and talk a little bit about the coffee aging process. He was so enthusiastic and his examples on coffee so relatable, that we invited him for a second time. For this workshop, we conducted a comparison of the two most inarguably popular manual brewing methods - the Aeropress & the Kalita Wave. Coffee featured included George Howell Coffee's Mamuto AA (Kenya), Kilenso Mokonisa (Ethiopia) & Kanzu (Rwanda). As of this writing, Third Rail Coffee near NYU Law School on Sullivan Street and their East Village location near Steinhardt are offering George Howell Coffee as guest roasters. George Howell Coffee is also regularly stocked at Joe Pro Shop

And for the first time ever, we've put together a short video (directed & produced by our own Pan Huang) to document the event! We'll continue to record and release videos as part of our event recap. We're constantly brainstorming of original video content as well. To stay in touch, subscribe to us on YouTube