Cupping 101 x Lofted Coffee


In the Fall, a couple of members from the Coffee Council trekked to Bushwick to meet with Lofted Coffee. And as the name suggests, the three-man roastery operation is literally housed in an industrial loft off of Morgans Ave. Its neighbors range from art studios to fish factories. Fronted by the most down-to-earth personalities in coffee Aric, Tobin, & Lance, Lofted Coffee firmly believes in bringing about a progressive coffee movement. Lofted Coffee is your epitome of small-batch roasting, only carrying as much as four different coffees, rotating consistently with whichever offering provides the best flavor in season.

Tobin & Lance previously worked in the coffee industry, most notably at Culture Espresso in New York City. Heading into Lofted Coffee, neither had prior experience in roasting. They self-taught themselves, even receiving tutelage under the famed Drop Coffee in Stockholm. Months of trial and error and hard work's finally paid off. Lofted Coffee boasts the most beautiful coffees and is in my personal Top 3 of roasters based in New York. It's both a thrill and pleasure to have hosted Lofted Coffee. We hope to work with them more in the coming future.