Tasting 101 with Joe's Coffee

On the last Thursday of March, the Coffee Club at NYU held a fun and interactive tasting session with Joe's Coffee. Manager of 8th street Joe's, Craig, came to Kimmel to open our eyes to our palate. Providing Joe coffee cups filled to the brim with various fruit, nuts, spices, and water infusions, Craig definitely took everyone's taste buds on a journey. What did people mean when they said that coffee had a fruity or earthy taste? Didn't coffee have its own basic flavor? Before each taste test, we were told to remember the sensation the taste left on our palates. After a sampling many items, which everyone undoubtedly enjoyed, Craig had us try various brews of coffee. "Training" the palate through the taste tests abled everyone to pinpoint the specific sensation that the coffee had left on the tongue. The successful event left everyone full of caffeine and from a plethora of samples.