Cupping With Cafe Integral

Last week, the Coffee Club at NYU hosted a cupping with Cafe Integral. Cesar Vega, owner of the quaint cafe, came by Kimmel to teach us a lesson in tasting coffee. Vega is a New York City based importer, roaster, and enthusiast of Nicaraguan coffee.  His cafe is located within a boutique in SoHo, American Two Shot, While exploring different Nicaraguan coffee varietals, the NYU alumnus surprised everyone with his coveted ability to taste coffee by extracting its rich flavor through a slurp. Different from a wine tasting, where wine is swirled around one's palate, a coffee "cupping" is when the coffee's boldness is conveyed through the sharp slurp of the drink. Shortly becoming a slurping contest thereafter, the Coffee Club at NYU enjoyed the interactive discussion and good coffee. 

Cafe Integral is located within American Two Shot on 135 Grand St, New York, New York 10013.

-Mikaella Evaristo