Bonavita x Coffee Club

We're excited to announce that Bonavita has sponsored us with their 1-L Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle! We received shipments today and the kettles will be immediately used for all our events, ranging from showcases, workshops and sessions. Should there by any brewing or coffee-related event of any kind, you can bet that the Bonavita kettles will be there to save the day.

Personally, many of the Coffee Council prefer and have the Bonavita kettle in our dorm and homes, and are absolutely honored to be able to share what we believe to be inarguably the best choice in kettle for the home brewer. The ability to stabilize the desired temperature, the built-in timer and the sleek design all work to create a better cup of coffee.

Special thanks to Sarah at Espresso Supply for helping coordinate and for believing in our mission. We firmly believe that the kettles have found the perfect new home.

We can't wait to brew some coffee with you all.