Brew Bar: Grady's Cold Brew

On Thursday, September 24th, we held our first Brew Bar for the 2015-2016 school year. Back in Spring, we debuted the Brew Bar employing the classic and timeless Chemex and Irving Farm's Santa Isabel, Guatemala. This time, we teamed up with Grady's Cold Brew to provide 4 oz. samples of their chickory and spice infused cold brew at Kimmel Center. Students had a choice between drinking the concentrate black or with milk. A few lucky students additionally received a sample of Grady's recently launched DIY bean bags, which you soak overnight for 12+ hours for 3 cups of iced coffee.

Grady's Cold Brew is a Brooklyn-based iced-coffee company that launched at Smorgasburg in the Summer of 2011. One of the first to bottle cold-brewed iced coffee, Grady's brews their concentrated cold brew for 20 hours resulting in a super smooth and extra bold iced coffee. Special thanks to Kyle and Erin for hauling over from Brooklyn to graciously bring awesome cold brew to students at NYU. Grady's Cold Brew is available at your local Whole Foods, Fresh Direct, Fairway Markets and numerous specialty grocers throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

This concludes our events for the month of September. Be on the lookout for our monthly newsletter for October which will contain previews and RSVP links for various cuppings, classes, lectures and events.